We create a culture
that achieves goals with five values

We connect the dots to values
and achieve our goals robustly


Communication about diversity

Exchanging various opinions and finding possibilities

Agree on the direction

Find and empathize with the direction of development
in a variety of possibilities.

Focus on goals

Set individual goals for problem solving
and focus on achieving them

Responsibility for one's work

If it's a small thing for the brand, it's valuable.
Responsible for all tasks, regardless of size

Improvements to the results

We are not satisfied with the achievement of work,
but we pursue continuous quality improvement according to external reactions

Innovation as we speak

We make the livestock industry unmanned through non-contact bioanalysis technology. Sustainable livestock farming is responsible for human food and can reduce environmental pollution caused by livestock farming. Our technology eliminates human inefficiencies and makes life better

company we are talking about

We have a horizontal culture of feedback, not evaluation, and sharing, not reporting. All members have a common sense through transparent decision-making. We provide a developer-friendly environment and help you achieve your goals