We shape the future for livestock farmers through the non-contact analysis technology

edgefarm, the digital livestock management system, enhances your farm management by recording various key data points such as total heads, individual feed intake, weights, and mortality

edgefarm is the future of livestock, here to contribute to a better tomorrow


Our goal is a complete digital transformation that sustains the livestock industry for the next 100 years


Maximize efficiency by providing an AI solution that
measures and analyzes livestock farming sites.

Core Technology

#MachineVision #AudioIntelligence #Lightweight #EdgeComputing #AnimalBehaviorology


Signed MOU with DARBY


Selected, Final 10 teams, 2023 Agricultural and Food Startup Contest, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


2nd Grand Prize, G-Unicorn Company Contest, Gwangju


Selected for AI Product and Service Development Support, AICA


Selected for a SMEs technology development project, Ministry of SMEs and Startups


Selected for Strategic Support Project for IP R&D in the first half of 2023

Selected for 2023 Start-up Leap Package, Ministry of SMEs and Startups & gicon

Selected for Data-based smart agriculture expansion support project, EPIS

Patented for ‘Apparatus and method for analyzing feeding behavior of livestock based on image’

Selected for Beneficiary Company for Overseas Expansion Based on IP, RIPC


SAMSUNG C-Lab Outside Gwangju

Participation in VIV Asia 2023, Bangkok, Thailand

Selected for AI voucher support project 2023, Ministry of Science and ICT – National IT Business Promotion Agency


R&D laboratory opened, Gwangju


Signed MOU with CJ Feed&Care

Attracted investment from JUNHOLDINGS

Held a hackathon “Behavior Identification A.I. Model Development for Livestock Heat Detection”

Selected as a Inno Biz(Technology innovation SMEs)


Participated for Building a Global Network, Silicon Valley

Participation in EuroTier 2023, Hannover, Germany


Signed MOU with the Statistics Research Institute of Chonnam National University

Signed MOU with CCEI and Gwangju

Selected as one of Korea’s top 1,000 representative innovative companies

Attracted investment from Honam Angel Investment Hub


Signed MOU with Korean Beef Farms (Gana Farm and 1 other place)

Signed MOU with Pig Farms (Pigland and 1 other place)

Selected for 75th in AI Training Data Construction Project, National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIA)


Signed a Service Contract “Build a Database for Single Speech Separation Development” with Public Procurement Service, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology


Designated as a KISTI family company

Selected for Cultural Technology Research Organization support project 2022, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Creative Content Agency


Selected for Livestock Disease Response Technology Enhancement Support Project (Host Agency, 375 million won)


Selected as an Outstanding Job-Creating Company in 2021


Obtained KS ISO 9001:2015 certification

Obtained GS certification for Edgefarm v.1.0

Selected as a Kibo-Star Valley company

Registered as a Silicon Valley company

Selected for Technology Innovation Program for Startups (TIPS), Ministry of SMEs and Startups


Signed MOU with ANAFLASH CO. and Semibrain Co.

Signed MOU with College of IT Convergence in Chosun University


Grand Prize, Disaster Saftey Industry New Technology Contest 2021

Grand Prize, Challenge! K-Startup Local

Signed MOU with College of Veterinary Medicine of Chonnam National University


edgefarm certificated by KC(Korea Certification)


Facepection registered in Public Procurement Service’s Venture Nara

Won a contract “A.I. Business Fundamental Technology Development Project”, IITP


Won a contract “Smart farm multi-ministerial research project”, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Ministry of Science, Technology and Information and Communication, Rural Development Administration

Signed MOU with Korean Beef Farms (Mudeung Farm and 5 other places)

Signed MOU with Pig Farms (Seongil Livestock and 6 other places)


Grand Prize, Tracking Image Recognition Algorithm Development Competition


Attracted Seed Investement from Enseul Partners and Incorporated Association Startup Support Network

Facepection certificated by KC(Korea Certification)

A.I. Grand Challenge Follow-up Agreement, IITP


2nd Prize, 2nd stage in A.I. Grand Challenge 2020


Facepection performance test completed (Basic ver 1.0)

Signed MOU with Infinic Co., Ltd


Venture Certification

Attracted Preseed Investment from Enseul Partners


Won a contract “Data Voucher Business”, Korea Data Industry Promotion Agency


Won a contract “Livestock Disease Response Technology Development Project (foot-and-mouth disease)”, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Signed MOU with Super VAI Co., Ltd


Won a contract “Livestock Disease Response Technology Development Project (ASF)”, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


Signed MOU with Industry-University Cooperation Foundation in Chosun University


Registration as a Corporation

Our path forward
is innovation