Intflow creates a sustainable livestock industry through innovative technology

In the past, the livestock industry relied on the long experience of the workers for everything. Now, considering the rapidly changing situation, it is necessary to think about sustainable livestock industry for the coexistence of the environment, humans and animals 

#What We Do

Intflow provides livestock animal digital management solutions.

Combining a universal camera with powerful image recognition Ai technology provides essential information for the farm, such as the number of stocks, weight, and breeding


The key point is Technology and big data

An AI worker collects all the data on the farm and maximizes production efficiency with accurate results

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The number of registered farms is 30 domestically and 10 internationally
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The cumulative number of managed facilities (as of 23.8.1)
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Accuracy of shipments over 100kg: 98.2%.

#Our Solution

24-hour close digital care, repays you with profitability.

EdgeFarm provides additional profits by reducing risk factors and improving farm efficiency through inventory management and detecting abnormal behavior by quantifying the number of meals, drinking, and activity by individuals


We are creating a sustainable
future of livestock industry together.


We create goals that everyone can relate to in a transparent decision-making process. And, together, we create a team culture to achieve our goals.

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