Intflow creates a sustainable livestock industry through innovative technology

The livestock industry has relied on the expertise of skilled workers.
Now, in the rapidly changing situation, we need to consider about sustainable livestock industry that coexists with environment,
people, and animals

#What We Do

Intflow provides
digital livestock management solutions.

We provides essential information for farms such as entire heads, weights, and reproduction by combining powerful
AI image processing with common camera


The key is Technology and Big Data

Your AI agent collects data from the farm, delivers precise results, and maximizes production efficiency

Registered Farms Globally (Aug 1, 2023)
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Accumulated Managed Pigs (Nov 1, 2023)
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Accuracy in Finisher Pigs
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#Our Solution

24/7 Intensive Digital Care contributes to profitability.

edgefarm tracks the feed intake, water intake, and activities of individual pigs to manage them and detect abnormal behavior.
This reduces risks, improves efficiency, and brings additional profit to you.


We are building the future of sustainable
livestock industry together


We establish goals that resonate with everyone through transparent decision-making

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